New Multi-functional Night Vision
(Observing at night, Taking photos, Videotaping, Monitoring )

Our new night vision adopts the advanced technology using a computer chip and LCD display to provide a digital image instead of the traditional photocathode tube. This new technology allows the device to oporate in day and at night. Its resolution is equivalent to traditional Gen 2 units, but the price is much more affordable.

Viewing range in dark:           >200 yards
Viewing range in dim light:    >500 yards
Magnification:                          5 power
Digital Zoom:                           1 to 8 power

Built-in Infrared Illuminator for up to a 600 ft. viewing in the darknes.
Full color photo and video in the day.
Video out capability and save data on the storage card.
It comes with a set of AV cable to connect to a TV or a Monitor.
The rechargeable battery included can be charged with USB cables or on a power outlet.
It also operates by being plugged to a power outlet.


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