You can order the optics at this website. Or, you can see and buy the products at our retail centers:

Cape Hatteras Marine Inc.
894 West 18th St.
Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Ph: 231 670 5076 or 949 235 4147

You can also purchase our marine binoculars and multi-functional nightvision at the following shows:

January:     Seattle Boat Show, Washington
                    Chicago Boat Show, Illinois
February:   Miami Boat Show, Florida
                    Atlantic City Boat Show, New Jersey
                    Detroit Boat Show, Michigan
March:        Long Beach Fredhall Fishing Show, Califonia
                    Del Mar Fredhall Fishing Show, California
April:           Newport Beach Boat Show, California
                    Baybridge Boat Show, Maryland
                    Oakland Sailboat Show, California
May:            Dana Point Boat Show, California
Sept:           Newport Boat Show, Rhode Island
                    Norwalk Boat Show, Connecticut
Oct:             Annapolis Sailboat Show, Maryland
                    Annapolis Powerboat Show, Maryland
Dec.             St. Pete Boat Show, Florida

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